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To help you maximize the value of your current intellectual property assets, our attorneys can assist you in drafting sound licensing agreements. A valuable patent, trademark, or copyright may be licensed to another entity for regular royalty payments or for a flat fee. Licensing gives people and companies of all sizes the opportunity to protect their technological edge, generate new revenue, and build partnerships with other innovative companies. Another advantage of licensing your rights is it allows you to specialize in research and development and while allowing others to bring your ideas to life. Alternatively, a company with valuable patents no longer relevant to its own business may make better use of these rights through a licensing agreement.

Our Southern California attorneys can assist you in establishing a licensing agreement. If you are in need of our services, please contact us.



Anytime you engage another individual or entity for licensing rights, we can help guide you through negotiations to ensure that your IP assets are protected and adequately utilized.


We always let our clients make their own business decisions, but we provide you with the expertise so that your intentions are expressed or reflected in the licensing agreements you enter into.


Jafari Law Group can also help you to create cross-licensing schemes to help prevent expensive court battles. Cross-licensing is the mutual sharing of intellectual property between companies without an exchange of a license fee if both intellectual property portfolios are about equal in value.

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