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Figuring out your market and your value proposition as a company can be incredibly valuable, which is why we can help you to protect the ideas and processes that make your offering stand out. The Jafari Law Group startup companies, venture capitalists, and established corporations with trade secret needs. Part and parcel to trade secret protection includes conducting a trade secret audit and drafting confidentiality/employee agreements. We can also provide you with strategies for exit interviews when employees leave or are terminated.

It is also important to assess the relative advantages of establishing and maintaining trade secrets over other types of protection such as patents. Call one of our Orange County intellectual property attorneys to discuss the pros and cons of trade secrets as opposed to other such forms of IP protection.



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Software or Computer Code

If your company utilizes proprietary software, it may be a good idea to protect your business with a trade secret. Often, software applications developed for in-house use are not easily patentable because of obviousness issues. Nevertheless, these types of applications can be protected utilizing trade secret law. This enables you to protect yourself from competitors that may otherwise try to acquire your information to gain an advantage.

Designs, Plans, Formulas

Designs and plans are also a common subject matter that can be covered by a trade secret. Trade secrets not only protect your investments but also protect you from past employees from gaining an unfair advantage by using the information that you have spent valuable time and money developing.

Customer Lists

Customer lists can be protected as trade secrets. Protecting your customer list can deter competitors and employees alike from trying to use your assets to their benefit.

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