What is the Difference Between a Trademark, a Patent, and a Copyright?

When you or a group of collaborators come up with a work, invention, or idea through your own creativity and original thought process, you’ve created intellectual property. Unfortunately, unlike most physical property, intellectual property is easily stolen or misattributed, which can result in its rightful owners being denied credit and compensation for their work. People …

What Are Common Types of Workplace Harassment?

Every job comes with its own challenges, stresses, and frustrations. But those challenges should never be due to unfair, threatening, and harassing treatment from other employees, supervisors, managers, and owners. Unfortunately, countless California workers deal with that exact scenario every day, which not only makes them less effective at their jobs, but it can also …

How to Tell if You’re Misclassified as an Independent Contractor

One of the most common ways that California employers take advantage of workers is by utilizing them as independent contractors instead of employees. Independent contractors are also known as 1099 workers because of the tax forms they’re sent by the businesses they work for rather than W-2 forms. Businesses misclassify workers as contractors because doing …

4 Dos and Don’ts for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Whether you’re a serial inventor or you’ve just come up with the idea of a lifetime, it’s just as important to protect your new intellectual property as it is to actually put your idea in motion. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes at this point—and those mistakes can render their ideas worthless or even place them …

Case Study: How the dental aligner market exploded when Invisalign patents expired

Do you remember when Invisalign hit the market in 1998? It was a revolutionary product that promised to straighten your teeth without metal braces. Finally, people could improve their smiles without undergoing the torture of a mouth full of hardware. It was a particularly fantastic solution for adults, who often find the look of metal …

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