What Are Common Types of Workplace Harassment?

Every job comes with its own challenges, stresses, and frustrations. But those challenges should never be due to unfair, threatening, and harassing treatment from other employees, supervisors, managers, and owners. Unfortunately, countless California workers deal with that exact scenario every day, which not only makes them less effective at their jobs, but it can also severely impact their mental health.

Workplace harassment comes in many forms, and they can all have severely detrimental effects on their targets. And because there are many forms of harassment, many victims may not even realize they’re victims, despite experiencing common symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and reduced job performance.

In this blog, we’re breaking down many of the common types of workplace harassment and how we can help victims.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be targeted towards anyone. Although women are more likely to be victims than men, especially in workplaces that are predominately male, men can also be victims of sexual harassment. This type of harassment can range from unwanted compliments and flirting to requests for sexual favors and even sexual assault.

Sexual harassment can occur once or every day, and it can come from anyone involved with a workplace, including employees, leadership, and even contractors. Unfortunately, sexual harassment isn’t always properly dealt with or acknowledged at all, especially when there’s a longstanding culture of it happening.

When workers are sexually harassed and reporting the issue doesn’t result in changes or disciplinary action, they often need to resort to using the legal system to protect themselves and others. That’s where we come in.

Disability Harassment

Suffering from a disability makes all aspects of life more difficult. It makes it harder to live independently, enjoy your hobbies and time with loved ones, and work to earn a living for yourself and your loved ones. Thankfully, many jobs can be performed by people with disabilities, and people who become disabled can often change jobs or retool their job duties to suit their limitations.

However, not all workplaces, managers, and business owners are understanding, patient, or accommodating when it comes to employees who suffer from various disabilities. In fact, some may even harass disabled employees about their limitations or health status. They may shame employees for their disabilities or threaten them with demotions or termination.

Disabled workers may worry about reporting their employers or raising the issue with their managers, as they may fear retaliation or their ability to get another job, if needed. Thankfully, the legal system can protect disabled workers who face unfair and toxic behavior while on the job.

Other Types of Harassment

Workers can also be harassed due to uncontrollable factors such as their race, gender, religion, age, and sexual orientation. In some cases, workers aren’t harassed for a specific reason, but are still subject to a hostile work environment.

Regardless of the type of harassment, many workers stay silent because they don’t want to “rock the boat” or experience retaliation, and others may not even realize that the harassment they’re experiencing is illegal and violating federal employment laws.

We Know California and Federal Employment Laws, and We Can Help with Your Harassment Case

Harassment can turn a bad job into a nightmare, and a great job into a lost opportunity. No matter what type of harassment you’re experiencing, it’s important to know that you don’t have to accept it or live with it. Experiencing harassment can take a major toll on your life, your relationships, and your career, and it shouldn’t be accepted or endured by anyone.

At Jafari Law Group, we work hard to protect the rights of people who are experiencing all types of harassment. When we listen to the stories of harassed workers, we collect evidence that proves they’re being treated in an unfair and hostile way, and then we apply a variety of California and federal laws to ensure they get the legal protection they deserve.

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