What is the importance of employment law?

Employment law regulates the relationship between employers and employees. Without it, businesses would (have been proven to) take advantage of their employees. This is not because business owners are inherently bad people; it is merely because a business’s purpose is to make money. So, if an entity is fulfilling that purpose, it will find any way to do so. Generally speaking, employment law was drafted with the health of the workers and the health of the business in mind. 

It is vitally important for businesses to follow employment law strictly. This includes things like paying overtime, not engaging in discriminatory practices, and avoiding retaliatory behaviors. At the Jafari Law Group, we take the time to educate our business clients on the regulations they are beholden to and to help them draft policy that ensures that all of their operations are 100% legal. We do this for two reasons:

  • It is the right thing to do. While a business’s purpose is to make money, on a human-to-human level, we encourage the business leaders we work with to value their employees as people rather than resources. When this happens, fair treatment comes naturally. 
  • It is too risky not to follow the law. Some predatory businesses will do anything they can get away with. They won’t pay overtime and hope their employees don’t notice. They allow for discrimination but call it something else, and overall they will do anything they can to make a buck. This may work for a while, and it may bolster the company’s bottom line, but in our experience, bad-faith practices always come out. And when they do, the lawsuits these predatory businesses are hit with almost always cost more than it would have to follow the law and treat employees fairly.

If your business needs help understanding employment law and drafting policies and procedures that keep you well within the bounds, then contact the Jafari Law Group today. We can help you to design a business that is all but impervious to employment lawsuits. Contact us today and let us be your partner in employment law. We are here to ensure that both your business and your workforce stay happy and healthy.