What is a blockchain?

If you have been following the volatile cryptocurrency market, you may have heard the term “blockchain.” To many, the concept may seem complicated, and while it is a new idea in banking, the core concepts behind blockchain databases are quite simple. A blockchain is a type of database that stores information electronically. The thing that …

What are trade secrets and how can The Jafari Law Group help you protect them

What is the most valuable asset your business maintains? Is it your talent? Your office space? Your procedures? No. It is your “secret sauce.” It is the thing that separates you from your competitors and makes you desirable to the marketplace. Your ideas are far and away the most valuable asset your business has. A …

Understanding Patents and How the Jafari Law Group Can Help You Secure One

As a business owner, your most valuable resource is your mind. Your ideas, original inventions, and processes are what set your business apart. Ideas are an incredibly difficult thing to quantify and protect, but without legal protection, nothing is stopping a competitor from stealing your inventions and your customers right out from under you. The …

How To Defend Patent Rights in Orange County

The Jafari Law Firm specializes in intellectual property law. Our law offices are located in Orange County, and we help both businesses and individuals to protect their ideas.  We can handle patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, fintech & blockchain, fees, and employment law. Our mission is to provide you with an innovative and cost-effective …

Gender Discrimination

Passed up for a promotion because you are a woman? Getting paid less than your male counterparts? You may be entitled to damages! If you have been discriminated against because of your gender, you may be entitled to compensation to remedy the injuries, which you have incurred.  According to the Equal Pay Act (California Equal …

Independent Contractor or an Employee? The Difference is Huuuge!

Employers regularly disregards the differences between an independent contractor and an employee. Employers be warned. Such disregard could spell trouble and prove extremely costly. First, if the misclassification is intentional, then there are hefty penalties upwards of $25,000.00 which the employer will incurr. Second, and perhaps more importantly, if a plaintiff’s attorney gets a hold …

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