Business Litigation

Litigation exposes companies to new dangers, including discovery of confidential information, exclusion orders, and court orders freezing assets. It is also extremely expensive, time consuming, and a drain on a company's bottom line. This is why a company's choice of litigation counsel is so important.

Jafari Law Group, Inc. will save your company's time and money by identifying the real issues at stake in a business dispute, evaluating the hidden costs to the company of litigation, recommending alternative methods of handling the dispute, and proposing ways to resolve the dispute without litigation. If litigation has already begun, we look for ways to bring the dispute to a quick and amicable end.

We appreciate the importance of personal relationships in business. Therefore, the decision on how to handle a business dispute will always remain with your company's executives and/or in-house counsel. Our role is to serve as a resource in providing your company with viable alternatives in resolving your business disputes.

Our primary aim is always to maximize your company's opportunity to avoid litigation and, if necessary, to provide stronger support for the company's decision to litigate.

We recognize the fact that litigation is seldom the best option, but sometimes it may be the only option. In that event, we will work with your company and the opposing side to resolve the issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have represented clients in litigation both in state and federal courts involving breach of contract, breach of lease agreement, shareholder derivative suit, breach of fiduciary duty to a minority shareholder, copyright infringement action, and trademark infringement action.

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