How Our Company History Can Work For You

The Jafari Law Firm was founded in 2005 by David Jafari. Jafari came to the United States from Iran in 1978 to attend college for engineering. Once he finished up his studies, which included a master’s and Ph.D., he went to work with cutting edge technology. He began to encounter legal roadblocks after founding a technology startup. Regulatory issues, licensing technology, labor disputes, and business litigation held up his progress, but Jafari found that he had an excellent mind for legal puzzles and decided to attend law school. Ever since then, he has been helping forward-thinking business professionals to defend their intellectual property.

Jafari’s journey to the legal profession is unusual in the industry. Unlike most attorneys who head right into law school from undergrad, Jarafi spent years in the field experiencing legal struggles first hand. He understands precisely what business owners and innovators must go through to protect themselves on the way to success. That perspective has been passed down to everyone working at the Jafari Law Group.

When seeking legal counsel, would you rather work with someone who has gone through what you are experiencing or someone who has only read about it in their studies? First-hand experience is always superior, and it is something that the Jafari Law Group has in spades.

They are not just attorneys—they are business professionals with working knowledge of sophisticated technology. Things like software, hardware, smartphone applications, business method patents, medical devices, and electro-mechanical devices are not mysterious to the Jafari Law Group’s legal professionals. They can understand your business, which helps them defend and protect it under the law.

Over the firm’s 15-year life span, the firm has filed more than 400 patent applications, more than 400 trademark registrations, and litigated more than 150 court cases before state and federal courts. When it comes to obtaining a patent for your invention, establishing a trademark for your hard-won business, or going after someone trying to undermine your success, you want the Jafari Law Group on your side. You can rest easy knowing you are in the best possible hands. Don’t wait, call today.