How To Defend Patent Rights in Orange County

The Jafari Law Firm specializes in intellectual property law. Our law offices are located in Orange County, and we help both businesses and individuals to protect their ideas. 

We can handle patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, fintech & blockchain, fees, and employment law. Our mission is to provide you with an innovative and cost-effective solution for all business needs, and our clients are our top priority. 

If a competitor is threatening your patent rights, we can help. 

When you file a patent, you lock down your rights to a specific invention, process, or idea. A patent is a government license that states that only the patent holder can make, use, or sell the invention, process, or idea for a set period of time. For example, let’s say that you invent a new heart rate monitoring system for athletes who are simply a sticker sitting on the wrist. Other heart rate monitoring systems exist, but once you secure the patent, you will be the only one who is legally allowed to make and sell the sticker version. Unfortunately, in our highly competitive world, it is likely that competitors will attempt to infringe on your patent. When a competitor threatens your patent rights, the legal team at Jafari Law can step in and help. 

Below is how we handle patient infringement cases:

  • Identify and document patent infringement. 
  • Determine which type of infringement we are dealing with. Generally speaking, types of patent infringement include direct infringement, indirect infringement, contributory infringement, and literal infringement.
  • File a lawsuit. Once enough evidence is gathered, the Jafari Law team will sue the competitor for patient infringement. 
  • Negotiate damages. Payment can come in the form of direct compensation or royalties based on the patent’s unauthorized use for profit.

Your intellectual property is valuable, and it is our mission to defend it. If you suspect that another party has stolen your idea and is profiting from something that legally belongs to you, then you need to stand up for your invention and get a strong legal team working in your best interests. 

Contact Jafari Law today with the details of your situation. We are more than willing to help you and your business to protect your intellectual property from thieves and competitors.